Tackle drills for home

With the short lead in to the 2020 season players will not get the same amount of time to practise contact/tackling skills. Also, the 3 weeks that we will get to potentially start up contact training will run through 2 weeks of school holidays.

Therefore, with the help of Rugby Victoria and our Senior coaching staff, we have picked a couple of drills that will help get you all famililiarised with the tackling process. These are drills that you can do at home with parents or siblings as the social distancing won't apply with your family. Please be careful while going over the material.

We have chosen two links and the first one is from Rugby Australia's coaching pages. The second one is from Rugby Smart with former Blues and now Bristol Bears coach Pat Lam.

Link 1 - "Tackle from the Knee"

This drill can be found about half way down the list of videos on the page. It was picked after advice from our club Head Coach Rayne Simpson as a good way to familiarise young players with making contact and is possible to practice even with a size difference between the participants. (Apparently, this can be done indoors if you pinch the couch cushions to land on..., but check with Mum first)



Link 2 - Tackling Technique Tips

This is a great break down of the steps needed for good tackle technique from Pat Lam. Everything is covered from body position to tracking the player, closing the space, arm and head position and is definitely worth working through at home.

And if the video below isn't working for some reason, here is the url address you can copy and paste into a web browser. https://youtu.be/MQJ39bbq2uU

We hope you all get some good insights into teaching and practising your tackling at home and our coaches are more than happy to answer any questions you may have at training.

Stay safe and look after your training partners.