Rams Old Boys Reunion - July 8th at Keys Rd

Hi All,
Just a reminder that Old Blokes Day is creeping up on us.
There are a number of people making the journey back to Keys Road.
We know that Simon Waaka and Perry Hanara are coming across the ditch.
Murray Fleming is taking a Greyhound bus out of Queanbeyean.
Rumour has it that Niko is travelling down from Sydney and that Peter Newson may also do the same.
I have applied the blow torch to my brother and he is coming in from the Gippsland Lakes.
Murray Martin and Laurie Sullivan are forgoing golf to attend.
All those blokes who recently travelled to the Phuket 11s have no excuse for not travelling to Moorabbin.........just over the bridge for Mo, up the road for Monty, around the corner for Gazza and Arv.  Well, Arv will be there anyway.  Gazza and I will ask for local games to ref. on Sat. morning.
Arrive from 12.30pm and we plan for finger food about 1.00pm.
We have some old Grand Final videos to play...........just to remind everyone that the older we get the better we were!!!!!!!
To help with catering can you please reply to the email that was sent out with a yes if you are coming and a maybe if you are thinking about it.
Ian Ray