Moorabbin Rams ACF sponsorship in Thailand

The club recently received this wonderful letter from the Asia Centre Foundation (ACF) in Phuket. The ACF do fantastic work with underprivileged and orphaned children taking care of them and helping with their education.

The rugby link with ACF initially started with an invite to link with the Phuket International Rugby 10s  tournament in 2004 after they met the tournament organiser Pat Cotter. Then in 2005 the ACF set up their sponsorship program after the devastating tsunami hit Phuket in December of 2004. Each year, all of the competing teams in the tournament contribute to the ACF by funding scholarships to keep over a hundred children in school, giving them an education and hope for the future.

The Rams touring teams have been proud supporters of the program from the beginning and despite the cancellation of the 2020 tournament we have continued to support the ACF by sponsoring 4 more children this year.

For more information on the Asia Centre Foundation please visit their website at 


Dear Ian (Ray), Arvind (David) and the Moorabbin Rams,

I sincerely hope you are enjoying the lovely September as much as we are.
During the last two months, our scholarship team has visited the local schools in Phuket and Phang Nga to meet the headmasters and hand out the stationery to our children. The children were very happy to receive the new stationery packages which enable them to go on with the study.
We have also refunded some other school expenses to our children or their parents. This happens only when a valid receipt can be provided and helped parents tremendously in the current financial situation. Kindly find the attached photo. For safety reasons, some schools let the students take turns to attend classes. We were unable to meet Kevin at school. We have made the necessary arrangements with his teachers so he will receive his when it's his turn again to be at school.

Thank you so much for your continued support! We definitely would not have been able to help Lukmeeh, Boom, Fram, and Kevin to continue with their education without your generosity. So we are very thankful for the opportunity you are giving them to have come this far with their education. You are opening the doors to a different future for them and give them hope for a better life. It's such a pity we couldn't meet you at Rugby tens this year, but we are looking forward to hopefully meet again next year. 
Please stay healthy and safe. 
Best regards,


Malee Ma