Do you have Ambulance cover for the season?

Ambulance Victoria Cover

Why should you join?

Emergency medical transport services are not free and not covered by Medicare. Ambulance Victoria responds to over 800,000 calls for medical help from Victorians every year. That is over 2,200 calls a day.

The cost of one emergency road transport is in excess of $1,200. Can you afford an ambulance transport bill?

Become a genuine Ambulance Victoria member and be protected against the cost of transport and treatment by paramedics.

Health Insurance May Not Cover You

Does your Private Health Cover really provide 100% ambulance cover? Many Private Health Funds have significant limitations, exclusions or caps to ambulance cover.

Ambulance Victoria Cover is Affordable

Fees and Terms

Quarterly - (Direct Debit Only) $25.97 Quarterly - (Direct Debit Only) $12.99
1 Year - $103.88 1 Year - $51.94


Click HERE for the link to Ambulance Victoria or call 1800 64 84 84 (Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm & Sat 9am – 5pm)

  • Please consider taking on Private Health Insurance for the year if you are no longer covered by a family membership.
  • Singles Coverage can be joined for anywhere from $20 to $40 a week depending on the items covered by the policy.
  • Please make sure you do your research on what exactly is covered before paying for a policy.
  • If you need help making a decision please contact us at the club.