1984 Dewar Shield Grand Final - Moorabbin vs Kiwi Hawthorn

Saturday 22nd, September, 1984
Olympic Park - Oval 2

Moorabbin were aiming to secure their 4th Premiership in a row after winning in 1981, 1982 & 1983. However, they were facing a Kiwi Hawthorn team that had charged into the finals with 11 straight wins and had just knocked the minor premiers, Harlequins, out of the running to get there. They had also had beaten Moorabbin in one of those matches during the season so the pressure was on Moorabbin to perform.

15. S. McLean
15. G. Timms
14. G. Mendoza
14. G. Frost
13. P Gascoigne (C)
13. P. Barnes
12. C. Moore
12. C. McPherson
11. T. Wells
11. M. Morgan
10. M. Ephraims
10. C. Herbert
  9. M. Baxter
  9. K. Todd (C)
  8. J. McDavitt
  8. J. Sellick
  7. A. Tipene
  7. G. Hood
  6. I. Ray
  6. W. Ross
  5. T. McRae
  5. S. Latu
  4. C. Hohneck 
  4. T. Sutherland
  3. S. Byrne 
  3. D. Hautu
  2. P. Snow 
  2. D. Paumau
  1. R. Pearce    1. W. Foulds
P. Wilkes, L. Baird  R. Davies, K. Delany
S. Barber, S. Watt C. Faki, J. Serancke
P. Hanara, A. McLean
C. Ephraims S. Stevens
P. Newson M. McPherson
L. Smith
R. Butler and J. Lawrenson