The Rams Performance Centre - Applications now open

The Rams Performance Centre is a sport based leadership program focused on preparing youth and young adults for rugby pathways, elite programs and on through to careers. This year long program will provide the necessary support through training and education sessions for the participants.

Training sessions and planned events throughout the year will provide opportunities for kids and young adults to be selected for the Performance Program Scholarships, which include support from educational institutions. The Rams Performance Centre has 20 performance program scholarships available for U16s, U18s and U20s players.

Applications for the Performance Centre are open now and attendees must complete an application via the link below prior to attending Testing Day number 2 at 10am on Saturday January 30th at Harold Caterson Reserve, Keys Rd Moorabbin.

Click on the link below to register for the Rams Performance Centre


How many places in academy?
The performance centre accesses the facilities at the Moorabbin rugby club and has its dedicated coaches that can accommodate as many players as needed.

What does the academy cost?
Access to the programs is free for players registered with the Moorabbin rugby club. Players registered with other clubs can also access the program and fees for programs may be charged. To access the programs players must be registered with a rugby union club in Victoria.

What are the criteria and how are players graded/assessed?
Anyone can apply to join the program. Testing to baseline players and player groups has started and includes assessing fitness, skills and game knowledge.

What are the scholarships?
The Performance Centre has partnered with a number of organisations to provide various support programs for successful applicants.
  • Performance Centre scholarship: this is a scholarship that provides subsidies or full cover for costs associated with performance centre rugby tours and player equipment and can be accessed by all participants.
  • Secondary school scholarships: these scholarships are publicly advertised and are subject to the criteria and rules set by the scholarship providers and regulators.
  • Industry training scholarships: these are scholarships for industry training programs and career placements that support people in sport which all performance centre participants can access.