The MRUFC 2022 Season has Launched

The Senior season has kicked off this week with our new Accelerated Development Squad. This squad of 30 invited players will benefit from an an elite training environment and programs put together specifically for each player.

The ADS members will receive the opportunity to train as a semi-professional rugby player without compromising their studies or careers. They will have the chance to prepare  for representative and professional programs through the accelerated knowledge and skill acquisition programs. The goal being to raise the level of both the players abilities on and off the field and continue to raise the standard of rugby in Victoria.

Players will also receive:
● Individual core and position specific skills.
● Personal S&C programs and supervision.
● Recovery education.
● Personal development education.
● Individual nutritional plan and education.
● Physiotherapy services

As a member of the ADS players are expected to follow high standards:
To adopt a mature, professional and considerate approach in every aspect and take responsibility for all aspects both on and off the field. 

ADS Schedule:
Block 1 - Tuesday 16th November - Thursday 16th December (Selected Saturdays)
Block 2 - Tuesday 11th January – Thursday 14th April (Tour/s)
Block 3 – Saturday 23rd April – Saturday 20th August (2022 Dewar Shield & GF)

“To be successful in sport or at home, there can be no shortcuts! ....Success means commitment & hard work!”
Rayne Simpson 2021