Return to Play Plan - Phase 1: 18th to 31st May 2020

This plan is to be used by all coaches, players, volunteers and people attending or involved with running training sessions at Harold Caterson Reserve. This plan will be reviewed weekly and updated as necessary by the committee.

All sessions will be conducted in accordance with Rugby Victoria Return to Play framework, Sports and Recreation Victoria, Government regulations and City of Kingston requirements. Gathering before and after training will not be permitted. Club training is limited to sessions at Harold Caterson Reserve.

No indoor training facilities shall be used. The gym and change rooms will be locked. Car parking will be available and access to toilets in the club house will be provided. Access to club rooms will be monitored by a committee member.

Post pads must be installed by coaches for each training session on each field being used, even if only part of a field is being used. Field training zones will be set out by coaches using cones.

Balls and other equipment will be washed in disinfectant by coaches at the end of each session with the assistance of pre-arranged volunteers. Disposable gloves, disinfectant and tubs for washing will be set up by pre-arranged volunteers.

Register of Attendance
Registration lists will be printed and players, coaches and volunteers attending will be recorded at the start of each session. New players not listed on the registration list will be recorded and invited to register on the day.

Field Training Zone Allocations
Allocations will be agreed with the coaches and the head of rugby Matt Golden, in consultation with the Junior development director Ian Nathan and Junior Coordinator Lena Weston. Zone allocations will be reviewed weekly and updated and communicated on social media.

Hygiene Stations
These are to be located as per the field plan and will be set-up by pre-arranged volunteers prior to the commencement of the training sessions and will be packed up by volunteers. Hand sanitizer, wipes and bins will be provided.

Plans will be communicated to coaches, players, parents/guardians of players, members and volunteers as changes are made and as a reminder of the current plan. Hard copies will be posted on the club.