Coaches Corner - May 2020

Our senior players started our first post Covid training session Tuesday night under strict Rugby Victoria guidelines. Fortunately the size of Caterson Reserve allows us to have up to 50 players plus 10 coach/managers within the CV19 regulated field spacing.

The first training session on Tuesday went perfectly, with over 30 players enjoying the non contact rotational experience.....but they are longing for (some are dreading) our Return To Play (RTP) full contact green light coming up in a few weeks.

Thank you to all of our old boys lead by Patron Ron Caterson, our inspirational leader President Arvind David and the rest of the support team for having the ground and our equipment set up, and most importantly setting up a Covid safe environment for the boys and our coaches/support staff to enjoy.

Being back together training for the GAME WE ALL LOVE was enlightening to experience last night. Moorabbin Rams rugby look forward to a huge 2020 season.......bring it on.

Rayne Simpson
Head Coach